about our pricing

Being a not-for-profit community, we are able to hire out our rooms below commercial rates. As we are not a business, we rely on those hiring our space to treat it with respect and care, so that we can continue to offer it at affordable prices. However, this means we have limited resources and administration hours to manage bookings, and require more co-operation from our guests. Your understanding is greatly appreciated!

We offer on-site cleaning & set-up services. We have been fortunate to partner with a cleaning company that has generously offered us discounted rates. Due to the large size of the room, events in the Auditorium require a cleaning and reset service.

Please also note that when you hire a space at 75 Reid St, you are hiring that space only, not the whole building. This means there may be other people using different rooms at the same time and while our brickwork functions as effective sound insulation, some noise transference from other rooms may occur. If your event is sound sensitive please discuss this with the management team. On rare occasions we may be able to move other bookings for larger, one-off sound sensitive events.

We trust that you will enjoy your time at 75 Reid St.

The auditorium

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The Basic Cleaning & Reset Pack is used for simple events. Hirers with a basic event work from the standard Auditorium set up of 110 Chairs, 20 tables in café style and can rearrange the space themselves. This pack does not include any storage of excess chairs or tables, nor can more chairs or tables be accessed. This pack includes post-event room re-set and cleaning (sweeping/vacuuming/mopping of floors and toilet cleaning).


The Advanced Cleaning & Setup Pack is used for events that require a little more work and organization. Our team will set up the space with our furniture as requested or can remove all furniture to provide a clear canvas for hirers to work with. Set up requirements must be submitted for approval and rates may change subject to requirements. The Advanced pack includes pre-event room setup and post-event room re-set and cleaning (sweeping/vacuuming/mopping floors and cleaning toilets).

Smaller rooms

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